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Carli Pierson investigates the problematic and complex consequences that the European financial crisis has had on immigrant sex workers in Geneva. The discriminatory outcomes stemming from the interplay of international law and finance, gender, and ethnicity receives some much needed attention. (MM) As usual, Erin Gloria Ryan writes an impassioned defense of women’s rights that is both sardonic and sharply informed. By citing the exorbitant cost of child-rearing and women’s healthcare, Ryan upe

Source: Revue québécoise de droit international MAHMOUD CHERIF BASSIOUNI, ED, GLOBALIZATION AND ITS IMPACT ON THE FUTURE OF HUMAN RIGHTS AND INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL JUSTICE (CAMBRIDGE: UNITED INTERSENTIA LTD, 2015). By: Rizwan Ahmad Khan Gondal "Carli Pierson, among other writers, echoes that sentiment by stating that “there is an obvious disconnect between the proliferation of international and regional HRIs, the bodies that monitor them and the starkly contrasting reality of the selective implementation of human rights by States”21. She succinctly states that “a vast quantity of the existing international human rights and criminal justice bureaucracy is admittedly oppressive, non-navigable, and arguably unnecessary”22."

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