Kamala Harris is about to meet Trump-friendly Mexican president AMLO. I have some words of advice | Carli Pierson

Vice President Kamala Harris is scheduled to meet virtually with the Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Friday regarding immigration and the climate crisis. But it’s unlikely she will get far with the bullheaded and contrarian populist ideologue. Let me tell you why. For starters, Lopez Obrador — better known in Mexico by the acronym AMLO — doesn’t have a lot of experience in politics.

Opinion: Mexico's AMLO seems incapable of tackling record rates of femicide

A sea of purple and black swayed in unison with the Jacaranda trees lining Mexico City’s streets yesterday as over 80,000 women descended upon the capital to protest the country’s femicide epidemic. And across the nation, women of all ages and backgrounds joined local marches to protest an increasing outrage at the gender-based violence epidemic and the lack of an adequate response on behalf of the government. Yesterday, women (and some men) came out in the hundreds of thousands to call out the

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